Learn how to heal from abuse and live a full, authentic life without the stress and self-blame even if you feel like you have tried everything.


You're doing everything right.

You go to counseling.

You go to Bible studies.

You read all the books.


But you still feel like something is missing. Your abuser does something that triggers you, you retreat back into fear and confusion. You thought you had healed from this! Why did you let him get to you, again?


Somehow all of your hard work didn't pay off, and you get more and more frustrated and feel more and more left behind, while everyone else is loving life and having fun.


It feels like you are stuck in a cycle with no way out.


The key to healing and finally moving on in life is a complete mystery.


What if there's a better way?


Imagine instead for a minute, what it would be like to "figure it all out," to wave a magic wand and all of the sudden turn a corner so that you're alive, free and whole instead of anxious, depressed, and confused; and living a full, authentic life instead of constantly doubting yourself.

You implement simple processes incorporated into your daily routine instead of replaying your past and talking about everything over and over.


You can live life without fear and dread.


You can live each day to the fullest, knowing that you are truly healed, improving your relationships, finances, health and mindset with each day that passes.


Feel the fog lift & begin moving forward with confidence, discovering your purpose.


Introducing the Tenacious Woman Blueprint, your guide to heal from abuse, transform your life, and discover God's purpose for you-without the drama, confusion, and self-doubt.


The Tenacious Woman Blueprint is a 12-week course that distills proven methods and God's design for healing into specific, actionable steps that you can implement into your daily routines. It's designed to help you quickly and permanently unpack your trauma baggage, re-build your self-confidence, and move forward in life.


The Tenacious Woman Blueprint is organized into 12 weekly sessions, each with a live, in-depth video lesson, audio download, and activation exercise designed to help you thoroughly understand what you learn and apply it to your specific situation, the Tenacious Woman Blueprint will show you exactly what to do to tackle what you're struggling with the most.

I'm ready to join!

Week 1 & 2: Spirit

When we live life by our. mind, emotions, and will, we are living in our own power alone, which is a very stressful way to live. You will learn how operate in your spirit to make change and transformation much easier.

Week 3 & 4: Mind

Our thoughts are the beginning of everything we create in our lives, whether stressful & struggling, or easy & light. You will learn how to direct your thoughts to create exactly what you want in life.

Week 5 & 6: Emotions

Learn how to stop letting shame and blame rule your life by learning who you are in Christ, how to forgive yourself, and how to begin allowing emotions as well as an incredibly powerful method for processing and eliminating negative emotions from the root.

Week 7 & 8: Body

Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, and if you are feeling tired & rundown, you cannot heal. You will learn simple ways to start caring for your body so that you can heal for good.

Week 9 & 10: Relationships

We are meant to live in community, but your past prevents you from making close friends. You will learn how to begin opening yourself up to others, remove your masks, and the secret to creating deep, meaningful relationships.

Week 11 & 12: Money

Going through abuse often creates a poverty mindset that prevents you from experiencing abundance in your life. You will learn how to move from a poverty mindset to a mindset of abundance in all areas of your life.

Bonus 1: 8 Healing Exercises

Take your healing to an even deeper level with these pre-recorded exercises that allow you to dive deep into your thoughts and emotions.

Bonus 2: Facebook Group

Be surrounded by other women doing exactly what you are doing and have constant support and encouragement along the way.

Bonus 3: Tenacious Woman Coaching

You don’t have to do this alone!  You will get access to weekly group coaching sessions for 12 full weeks.

Bonus 4: Lifetime Access

You will get lifetime access to EVERYTHING! So you will always have access to the help you need to get past a slump.

I'm ready to join!


Couldn't I just...


Continue to go to counseling?

Counseling is great, and it is definitely need to help you learn the psychology behind abuse and manipulation and the tools your abuser uses to get to you, but counseling tends to focus on the past. TWB is focused on your future, on healing from the past permanently so that you can move forward with absolute confidence to become all God created you to be.


Read a book on healing?

Absolutely! You can learn so much from books, and there are so many available these days. The problem with a book is that you read them, and then a few months down the line, forget most of what you read because you are not applying what you read to your life circumstances and taking the material deeper to understand how it applies to you. With the activation exercises in the TWB you will be directly applying what you learn each week to YOUR life. You won't just be reading it, you will be doing it.


Find this stuff for free online, or watch YouTube?

This stuff is definitely out there, in fact, I give away the large majority of my own material for free. And sure, if you have the time and energy to spend hours and hours wading through horrible advice online like I've done to find the few nuggets that actually work, and then figure out how they apply to your life circumstances, then I definitely recommend that to you. But, if you want results now, from the best methods available, painstakingly catered to the abused woman's specific needs, TWB is here for you.


Get a coach?

Coaches are great-I'm a coach myself. And if you're having a really difficult time applying a lesson to your life, there's definitely a place for hiring a coach. But at $100-$500 an hour, that cost can add up. Not everyone has the cash flow to swing that. The TWB is a much more affordable option for those ready for a transformation now.


This life is the only one you have, so why not aim to be healed & happy?


Why not give yourself access to the best resources you can get your hands on?


Why not arm yourself with the best practices from someone who has been there before?


And why not give yourself every opportunity to make the most of it?


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  • Everything you need to quickly and permanently unpack your trauma baggage, re-build your self-confidence, and move forward in life.

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  • Everything you need to quickly and permanently unpack your trauma baggage, re-build your self-confidence, and move forward in life.

  • Access to my productivity methods
  • Access to the Heal exercises
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  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials